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The Malaysian Consortium of Mid-Tier Companies (MCMTC) is a group of like-minded captains of the industry who believe in the power of strategic alliances for sustainable business growth.

Launched on 1st November 2017, by Y.B. Dato’ Seri Mustapa bin Mohamed (the Hon. Minister of International Trade & Industry and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Dept), MCMTC is an industry-led initiative set up to complement the Mid-Tier Companies Development Programme (MCTDP) of MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation).

Mid-Tier Companies (MTCs) are the key driving force behind the Malaysian economy and are defined as companies with annual revenues of between RM50 million and RM500 million in the manufacturing sector and between RM20 million and RM500 million in the services sector.

As of 2021, there are approximately only 15,000 MTCs in Malaysia, which is only 1.7% of all registered companies in Malaysia. In brief, MTCs employ 16% of the nation’s workforce while contributing 40% of the nation’s GDP.

MTCs play an important role in the business ecosystem. Multinational Corporations (MNCs) have stringent requirements and they prefer to work with established companies such as the MTCs because MTCs have the required internationally recognised certifications (e.g.ISO), documentation compliance, certified facilities as well as the people/talents, already in place.

Unlike the established MTCs, the majority of the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), do not have the means to move up the value chain. However, when the SMEs are able to work together with the established MTCs, the journey becomes easier. SMEs can supply required parts & components, materials and services to the MTCs who will be able to provide consistent business volumes as well as meaningful upskilling to the SMEs.

By working together, the supply chain becomes stronger and both MTCs and SMEs will be able to progressively move up the value chain more quickly, more effectively and more efficiently.

What MCMTC Can Do for You?

Be Your Prominent Voice

MCMTC has good rapport with government agencies who value the information from and recommendations by MCMTC to assist the Government in economic recovery, innovation, policy making and more.

Compete Globally

Participate and complement Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation’s (MATRADE) signature capacity-building program known as Mid-Tier Companies Development Programe (MTCDP) to boost your organization’s ability to compete internationally.

Global Supply Chain

MCMTC helps its members, including SMEs, to compete globally by facilitating their participation in the global supply chain.

Impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a Member, you can participate in and undertake a wider range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities for more impact and recognition.

Mentoring and Support

Members can participate, collaborate and innovate together, including a chance to showcase their capability and experience and lead others to success,


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