From Domestic Brand to Regional Powerhouse

Congratulations to MCMTC’s Vice-President (International) Mr Martin Ang and Julie’s for winning three awards at the SOBA 2022 held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 9 March 2023.  

Julie’s managed to garner the following Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) Awards:

1) Best Brand – Silver         

2) Best Halal Product/Services – Gold                                                                                                                           

3) Best in Marketing – Silver

Homegrown Malaysian biscuit company, Julie’s, has successfully expanded to the international market with unique product offerings and ambitious growth strategy.  The company captured markets in over 80 countries since 1985, with its strongholds being in Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan and increasingly Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.  It produces a variety of biscuits that cater to both local and international taste preferences, including traditional Malaysian treats and modern offerings.

Its ability to adapt its products and branding to different cultures, plus using high quality ingredients have been key factors in its success in penetrating different markets.


The Star: from-domestic-brand-to-regional-powerhouse



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