Season’s Greetings & Happy New Year!

It’s been a challenging 2023 but we are proud and grateful to share that our membership have grown with more Captains of the various Industries joining the Consortium as we share the same common values.

Malaysian Consortium of Mid-Tier Companies (MCMTC) members have played important roles in our Country’s economic recovery from the Pandemic and we are happy and proud to celebrate the successes of each of our valued members.

We truly appreciate the support and co-operation extended by all the various Government Ministries & Trade Commissions and Trade Associations, both locally and overseas, to our Mid-Tier Companies (MTCs) and we look forward to another exciting year ahead.

There is still more work to be done and we call upon all our MTCs and MSMEs to continue supporting each other by forming strategic alliances, mobilising expertise and sharing experiences to promote sustainable growth. Together we will strengthen the global supply chain and let’s make all Malaysians proud to be MALAYSIANS!

Wishing All Our Members n Friends Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & May 2024 Bless All of us with Good Health, Abundant Fortune n Lots of Love, Laughter n Happiness.

Callum Chen,
President MCMTC
December 2023.