The Charm You Can’t Resist – Introducing Julie’s New Range of Dessert-Inspired Biscuits

Congratulations to Julie’s Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., a member of MCMTC,  for launching its new line-up of dessert-inspired biscuits called Charm.  Mr Martin Ang, a director of Julie’s is also the Vice President-International of MCMTC. 

Julie’s is an international award winning biscuit brand sold in 80 countries.  To celebrate the launch of this new biscuit range, Julie’s is hosting an exclusive experiential event called “Me, Myself and Charm” for its loyal customers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this Saturday and Sunday.  The new range which comes in two mouth-watering flavours – Double Chocolate and Tiramisu, are created for consumers to indulge and be inspired.  Guests at the event will be able to enjoy the activities planned such as taking part in a candle making workshop inspired by scents of the new biscuit at the Charm Sensory Lab, photography at numerous creative photo walls and delicious samplings of the new Charm range.  Guests also get to walk away with customised engraved teaspoon souvenirs. 

Conveniently packed in one packet that consists of eight individual packs of two pieces each, Charm is designed to be enjoyed as a snack in between meals or as an enjoyable dessert after a hearty meal, to be paired with coffee or tea, or even used as ingredient for your cake creation.



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